Industrial Rope Access is a tested and proven way of acquiring a secure working posture at high altitudes or in hard-to-reach areas. Inspections, maintenance, and equipment installation at elevated heights where scaffolding would be difficult or unfeasible are all common uses for industrial rope access approaches.

As a leading provider of industrial rope access services, AccessAble Services Queensland has an excellent safety record. Our technicians receive rigorous training and independent assessment and re-trainings for your complete peace of mind every three years. Our industrial rope access work is done in accordance with international standards Irata. AccessAble Services Queensland can assist with Brisbane and South East Qld projects to maintain industry standards and compliance.

Our industrial rope access services include: 

Inspections and reporting

Concrete Repairs

Repairs and Remedial works

Glass Replacement

Façade Repairs

Specialised Lifting and Rigging

Do you want to learn more about how our industrial rope access services help you safely inspect, test, and survey structures at height or in difficult-to-reach regions?  


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