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Anchor Point Installation & Certification

Anchor Points are generally economical and the fastest fall prevention system to install, in some circumstances we offer other systems which may be superior. Accessable Services Queensland services Brisbane and the surrounding areas to provide the highest quality anchor point systems and anchor point certification.

Chemical Anchors

Surface Mounted Anchor

Static Line Systems

Purlin Mounted Anchors

Anchor Point Certification

Rail Systems

Structural Anchors

Vertical Line Systems

Vertical Line Systems

Vertical Line systems are considered the safest system to install to a fixed ladder when accessing roofs, platforms or height maintenance. Vertical lines are visually more aesthetic and safer than caged ladder systems.

Static Line Systems

Static line systems allow greater and faster access to hard to reach areas of a building or structure. Commonly these systems are used for access to facade areas on a building and can be fitted to steel, concrete, bricks, and other surfaces.

Rail Systems

Rail systems are commonly used when there is a long narrow space which requires safe access across and below. Rope access workers can then safely navigate the width of the rail system and move up and down in the space below as required.


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